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thanks alot for the page it really help me on my report on the sistine chapel

mike schwichtenberg
lincoln, nebraska, north america
March 31, 1998

This is some of the greatest collections of the Renaissance I have ever seen.

Morgan Ayers, [email protected]
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
March 31, 1998

Hola! Tienes una pagina magnifica! Me gusta mucho. Gracias para tu trabaja en esta pagina!

Lupe Geraldo
Guadalajara, Mexico
March 31, 1998

I really enjoy Donatello. I am a huge fan of all of his works and am interested in his life and techniques. GO DONATELLO!!!!

Mary Swanson
Apple Valley, MN, USA
March 31, 1998

You just saved my life!!! Thanks!!!

tina, [email protected]
March 31, 1998

Thanks for the picture of St. George slaying the dragon. To all on April 23rd Happy St. George's Day!

Kevin Strider, [email protected]
Stafford, Staffordshire, England
March 30, 1998

Bellissimo! I miei più vivi complimenti per il vostro lavoro! Continuate così! Ciao! Fabio*

Fabio Ciochetta, [email protected], -
Milano, Italia, -
March 30, 1998

Beatiful! At last I found good, detailed pictures of Giotto's frescoes. Thank You, I'll be back!

P-A Skansen, [email protected]
Ekerö, Sweden
March 30, 1998

Great Web Site. I should have discovered it during my college days. Sure would have made my research easier in my Humanities classes.

D. Rainey, [email protected]
March 28, 1998

Hi ! It is the most impressive site I've ever visited till now. The collection is huge and information about the artists and works are very satisfactory. Your site is definitely capable of luring every art lover... (It would be wonderful to have another site like this on 19-20 th century as well.) Best regards...

Tamer Hýrca, [email protected]
Bolu, Turkey
March 28, 1998

Great Job!!

Kenneth L. Knabel, [email protected]
Indianapolis, IN, USA
March 28, 1998

Joséphine Doucet
Moncton 'N.B., Canada
March 26, 1998

This was a wholly unexpected find and one of the finest and most well-organized websites I have visited. My 14 year old daughter and her friend each had projects at school concerning the Bible and art and they were able to find works of art of which the subjects were, respectively, Daniel and Noah wiht a lot of useful additional information.

Michael Karlin, [email protected], http://www,
Beverly Hills, CA, USA
March 26, 1998

EILEEN HEALY, [email protected]
March 25, 1998

you have a typo

, mi, usa
March 25, 1998

wonderful. Keep up the great work.

Chinda Manalo, [email protected]
Newark, Delaware, USA
March 22, 1998

I thought this was a beautiful website!! You cant imagine how thrilled I was to get a glimpse of these breathtaking paintings. I know I would never get to visit in person so this was a special opportunity for me. Thank You so much.

Debbie Hurley, [email protected]
Monongah, WV, USA
March 22, 1998

its fascinating that there is such wonderful information about great artists on the web. i love to be able to learn more about them by just sitting at my computer. thanks for creating pages like that.

elizabeth hawley, [email protected]
perrysburg, oh, usa
March 22, 1998

I found the pictures beautiful, I have wanted to go to Italy to see the Sistine Chapel. Now I can view it on the wed.

Joanne Cruppe-Turner, [email protected]
Rochester, New York, United States of America
March 22, 1998


March 21, 1998

Very nice web page. Glad I found it.

Robin Shepherd, [email protected], Netscape
Mclean, Virginia, USA
March 21, 1998

Thank You!

Greg Anderson, [email protected]
swansea, ma, usa
March 21, 1998

I enjoyed your site very much and bookmarked it for future use. I was looking for an artist I saw names: SAVLI and I couldn't get linked yet. Feel free to e-mail me with potential links as I need to find out about this particular artists work. I'd appreciate it. Be Good To Yourself [email protected]

Pacifico , [email protected]
Mt.Iron., Minnesota, USA
March 21, 1998

Thank you for allowing us to visit the vatican where we find the greatest artistic achievments in the world

rita forest
souris, manitoba, canada
March 21, 1998

THOMAS REAMSNYDER, [email protected]
March 21, 1998

pellaeon, [email protected], none

March 20, 1998

Szivbol koszonom a gyoru munkajukat!

Mr. Elia Ravasz (Illes), [email protected], Microsoft
Azusa,, CA 91702-6249, U.S.A.
March 18, 1998

Nice Page, Email me I have some questions

Kandace, [email protected]
whitelake, Mi, USA
March 18, 1998

Nagyon sok orat eltoltottem a magyar honlapon. Foleg a Muveszeti Galerian. A most enjoyable time. Thank you. Jeno Sturman

Jeno Srurman, [email protected]
Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA
March 16, 1998

Thank you very much for this great site, it saved my butt. I have an art project due tuesday for my English class (go figure!) and the stuff that I couldn't find in my many many hours in the library, I was able to find on here... :)

Kerri, [email protected]
Herndon, VA, USA
March 16, 1998

Very interesting¡¡¡

Marcos Tejeda, [email protected]
lima, peru
March 15, 1998

My wife has been seeking some of these works for costume design. Thank You.

Dennis E. Haworth, [email protected]
Fall River, MA, USA
March 15, 1998

Thank goodness for this informative site, i'm glad to know that others are as keen on this crea tive genius as I am!!!!!

Ruth Graham, [email protected]

March 14, 1998

Great! I am immensely grateful to those who created this site.

Anna Revesz, [email protected], none
Los Angeles, CA, US
March 14, 1998


David Vesely, [email protected]
Boston, MA, USA
March 14, 1998

. . . thanks.

j. p. korb, [email protected],
Gainesville, Florida, USA
March 14, 1998

I have been researching the PARLER family for over 35 years so you can see why I was so attracted by you beautiful web site. I have a history to be proud of. Thank you.

Carrie C. PARLER-GIBSON, [email protected]
, Canada
March 13, 1998

Well I stumbled on this as a refugee from a virtual visit of the Louvre (couldn't make that do anything for me). I'm going to page for the rest of my life, and the postcard feature is a treat! Thank you. William Boyd

william reid boyd, [email protected]
weymouth, dorset, u.k.
March 13, 1998

Art rocks :-)

Mark Aaron Shields
Cherryvale, Kansas, United States
March 12, 1998

Great page! This is of much interest as a SCAdian. I was refered by a mail on the East Kingdom mailing list. I'm glad I decided to check it out!

Isabel MacLaughlin, [email protected],
Shire of Eisental, East Kingdom
March 12, 1998

Thank you for making this available.

Elaine Piccolomini,
March 11, 1998

Your page was a tremendous help in compiling my presentation on "Giotto"! Keep up the excelent quality of work that is displayed here! Lou

Louis J. Miller Jr., [email protected]
Kansas City, MO, USA
March 11, 1998

I was trying to find the Vatican gift shop -if there is one Enjoyed my visit to your beautiful page!

Hayley F Bullington, [email protected]
Austin, Texas, U S A
March 9, 1998

To whom it may concern: I am visiting this web page in order to get a four page paper done for my HUMANITIES class. This masterpiece has always fasicinated me. To see it in such color is just amazing. I truly hope one day I will be able to visit this beauty in person.

Amy Hoffman, [email protected]
San Diego, CA, USA
March 9, 1998

Thank you so much! I can now get some sleep! I've found Bosch!

Mel Hughes
Whitewater, WI, USA
March 6, 1998

Generally nice reproductions. I would love to see more quotes of Vasari where appropriate. He's still about the most entertaining art historian there ever was. For those interested, additional information on Pontormo may be found on my website in a paper I wrote while at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, discussing the source of a study for the Certosa di Galazzo passion cycle.

Don Seeley, [email protected],
Chicago, IL, USA
March 6, 1998

really interesting and facinating site! It helped me with my report on cleaning of the fresco's! thanks! Heidi

Heidi Hilbelink, [email protected]
Sioux Center , IA
March 6, 1998

Suppers, your churches helped me with my school project, thanx

Fiona G

March 6, 1998

I just returned from Italy about two weeks ago. This was my third visit and each time I go into the Sistine Chapel, I become more and more facinated with the artwork. It's impossible to absorb it all in one visit. Your webpage is one of the best on the net! The pictures and colors and so vivid and clear. Everytime I need another dose of Italy, I will be sure to visit again!!

Roseanne Lembo, [email protected]
Elmont, New York, USA
March 5, 1998

I like your homepage. I am a student and had to do some research. thanks again. nate bryant

nate bryant, dbryant
winlock, wa, U.S
March 5, 1998

Excellent. Want to see more of it. Please keepup the good work.

Michael Smith, [email protected]
Swindon, u.k.
March 4, 1998

Thank you.

Mariano Hinojosa, SMTP:"[email protected]"
March 4, 1998


Libby Fetzer, [email protected]
March 4, 1998

I needed to view a painting for a class and write a paper on it for an assignment. I was thrilled to find that I could get close ups for the painting I needed to view. Great job and thanks a lot, it really helped me out!!!

Hannah Gatling, [email protected]
Fredericksburg, VA, USA
March 3, 1998

Szuper ez az oldal.

Almási János, [email protected]
Budapest, Hungary
March 3, 1998

What a fabulous web site. You have done a maganificent job here. Sending post cards makes it even better. Thank you for your wonderful work. Dona

Dona , [email protected],
Cupertino, CA, USA
March 3, 1998

This is a great site and very easy to navigate.

John Carter
Washington, DC, USA
March 2, 1998

Love your site it's put together nicely and thanks.

Ronald L. Denny II, Eengine11
Phila., pa, USA
March 2, 1998

Õszinte elismerésem.

Barbalics Miklós, [email protected]
, Hungary
March 2, 1998

Great viewing. fantasic. keep up the good work.

govindan nair, [email protected]
trivandrum, kerala, India
March 2, 1998

Hi nice page!!

Panama City, FL, USA
March 1, 1998

Was interested in the pictures, MY MOTHER WAS BORN IN ITALY.

Ann, [email protected]
Niagara Falls, N.Y., USA
March 1, 1998

As an elementary school teacher trying to integrate the works of great artists into the curriculum, I am truly pleased to have come across your web site. Thanks!

Marlene Calvo, [email protected]
Los Angeles, California, USA
March 1, 1998

I realy like what you people have done. I hope you keep it up. When I need something quick, I am able to do find it. Thanks a bunch! =) Katelyn Parks

Katelyn Parks
Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
February 28, 1998

I realy like what you people have done. I hope you keep it up. When I need something quick, I am able to do find it. Thanks a bunch! =)

Katelyn Parks
Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
February 28, 1998

Katelyn Parks

February 28, 1998

we need more graphic pictures on the sisten chaple something so light that when you print it up of the internet that it will not show up to dark to us for a class project. Some of us people can not afford a computer nor a color printer. thank you julie

julie harry
crystal river, florida, united states
February 27, 1998

I think thiis is a GREAT homepage because it was easy to find paintings by artists it was quick and it is GREAT quality too! thank you for having this information available!!!!! <3Kate

Kate, [email protected]
Edmonds, WA, USA
February 27, 1998


VICKI L. MAYER, [email protected]
February 27, 1998

Wonderful pictures ! Please come to see how I have used a few of them as backgrounds on my webpage! Best wishes and blessings in Christ, Schi Chin Wei

Schi Chin Wei, [email protected],
livonia, MI, USA
February 26, 1998

Painting is the most beautiful thing in the world and your website is the most beautiful thing on the web. Do not hesitate to add information about Carlo Crivelli and Hans Baldung Grien. Congratulations and see you Soon! Hubert

Tourasse, [email protected]
February 26, 1998

All these treasures visible in one place -- truely a great public service. Thank you.

Clement M. Ogden, [email protected]

February 26, 1998

Sehr Wunderbar! I am a descendant of the great Count Eckhart and Uta.

Gary P. Eckhart, [email protected]
New London, WI, USA
February 25, 1998

Thank you for being there!!!

Connie Balram
Vacaville, CA, US
February 25, 1998

Connie Balram
February 25, 1998


LUCIO POSTIGLIONE, [email protected]
February 25, 1998

Amost interesting site. One could spend hours here. A gorgeous time waster. Thanks for offering it to the world.

paul robinson, [email protected]
Wellington, New Zealand
February 25, 1998

Interesting, but with no images! Never mind - I can use it in my research - good looking site

Andrea Jean Bates, [email protected]
Auckland, New Zealand
February 25, 1998

Além da beleza da Capela, a sua organização demostrou-se como uma arte, adorei visitá-lo, se bem que não achei o que procuro... Mas deve estar aqui, vou procurar melhor... Parabéns

Ricardo Tadeu Louzada Tavares, [email protected],
São Paulo, São Paulo, BRASIL
February 24, 1998

I find this page very interesting but I want to know more about La Mona Lisa . I´m working in an architectural project of a japanese competition. I like the art , specialy the clasic art, but in my project I use the modern art.

Ricardo Rodriguez Hurtado, [email protected]
Lima , Peru
February 24, 1998

Yours is an excellent resource since I appraise works of art and need sources all the time.

Denise Levy, [email protected]
New York, New York, USA
February 23, 1998


February 21, 1998

Very well done! It's amazingly done - - - all with the click of a mouse!!

Jacqi Pagenkemper, [email protected]
, Pennsylvania, USA
February 21, 1998

Iternet is wonderful to have got those paintings in our home...through int

Sabino - Angela, [email protected]
Alessandria, Italy
February 20, 1998

I didn't know anyone in my family could paint!

John D'Ambrogio, [email protected]
Chicago, IL, USA
February 20, 1998

it's been a long time since my senses were exposed to classic artistry. Now they are refreshed and invigorated with just the click of a mouse.

jesse l. loot, jesse @CWV.NET, 3042552570
beckley, wv, USA
February 19, 1998

I am finding this very useful for a required project in my Italian Thought and Culture class. I wish that I had found this a couple of years ago when I took Northern Renaissance Art!

Bonnie Castrilli, [email protected]
Baltimore, Md., USA
February 19, 1998

Bonnie Castrilli

February 19, 1998

I'm grateful for the chance to view these paintings and see more detail- we are currently studing these and other paintings from this period in art history, but the representations, from our textbook, offer little in the way of detail or means of closer examination.

Ed Adams, [email protected], Southern Oregon University
Ashland, OR, USA
February 19, 1998

Absolutely brilliant ...well done !!

Maggie Burgess-Wood, [email protected]
Northampton, England
February 19, 1998


CINDY WAWROWSKI, [email protected]
February 19, 1998

This Web Site is and has much in providing Cultural a opportunity for many indivduals to to see and explore the wonderful world of ART. I thank you.

Vincent Migliazzo, [email protected], M & M CO. CLOCKS
Los Angeles, CA, USA
February 17, 1998

Thanks! I am a former professional photographer studying Art History to fill in the gaps and eventually realize why photography was invented and what it evolved from...I wish I could find an Art History Chat Room! Wish me good luck on my Mid-Term, 2.18.98 at UCLA Extension: Pisano thru The Master of Flamalle. Keep up great work!!! =0)

Loretta Ayeroff, TaTwo91
Beverly Hills, CA, USA
February 17, 1998

best catalogue I've found on the web, after much hunting. Still have not been able to track down a copy of Velazquez' Madonna with Lights. Can you help?

Janet Efstathiou

February 16, 1998

Loved your article, gave me a lot of information on this famous artist, I needed this data for my report-thanks

Lindsay Goerner, [email protected]
Ladysmith, WI, USA
February 16, 1998

I found this Virtual Tour of Italy quite informative and fascinating. The Photos and listing s of various tours, acomodations, biographical histories,etc. were very good. Iwant to visit Italy very soon!!

Stella Zdunowski, [email protected], Italy Tour
Reading, Penna., 19604
February 15, 1998

Jolly, Eric, [email protected]
Orlando, Florida, USA
February 14, 1998

This site is realy beautiful and useful for studying European history.Thankyou very much!!

Yuka, [email protected]
Toyama, Toyama, Japan
February 14, 1998

this is a peaceful place..a sanctuary among "the staccato signals of constant information"..thank you so much!

John Fernandez, [email protected]
Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
February 13, 1998

Jó a hely!!! Lesznek XX. szd-i festõk is? Köszi, sziasztok Dániel

Horváth Dániel, [email protected]
Budapest, Magyarország
February 13, 1998

Love religlous art........I have a stature of Mary with Jesus I'M trying to find the age ,if you would to see a picture of this please reply'......... THANK YOU

Louise, [email protected], 14 McInosh St.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
February 12, 1998

I really enjoy your site very much. I paint on panels with oil and tempera.I enjoy looking at the masters that you have. Thank You!

Peter H. Wanner, [email protected], none
Snow Hill, Maryland, USA
February 11, 1998

Great pictures! Thank you very much for this initiative! I dont know about the Berenson quote, though. I don't think art has got to do with emotion. Kitsch has; Kitsch feeds upon emotion. Art is different though. Art "freezes" the emotions, so to speak. Art, as Aristotle writes in his "Poetica", halts our normal reactions for awhile, and makes us look, mesmerized, at what is shown. In a world full of "idle chatter", as Heidegger put it, full of a constant stream of associations, art stops that movement. Art draws attention to itself, cutting out the rest, while staying mute (not chattering), and in doing that learns us to look at what there is, wat presents itself, and marvel. - Oh, heck, knowing that doesn't keep us from liking Kitsch, of course...

Koen Decoster, [email protected]
Leuven, Belgium
February 11, 1998

This is a wonderful site and a great resource for homeschoolers. Thanks!

Pat, [email protected]
February 11, 1998

looked, without success, for 'Portrait of a Lady in Dark Blue', allegedly in Budapest Museum of Fine ARts, possibly by Vermeer, De Groot, or Valentiner. Great site!

JOE MCMINN, [email protected]
belfast, ireland
February 11, 1998

This site is a very useful tool for someone who is learning about artExcellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy, [email protected], Netscape
Dorset, Ohio, USA
February 10, 1998

I have searched a long time for information about a picture I have. ALL I had to do was find you. Although "my Erasmus by Hans Holbein is not the same pose as "yours"-It is the same guy. I have a jpg of him(the pix is OLD)What an interesting person.... Thanks for being here! Teri

Teri, [email protected]
St Paul, MN, USA
February 10, 1998

ThankyouThankyouThankyou!!! I love Ghirlandaio's work, and I'm so pleased to see such an extensive collection!

Lisa Darcy, [email protected]
Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA
February 10, 1998


Amy Hensley
Rose Hill, Va, Kenya
February 9, 1998

I have gotten a lot of info, so far for a Research paper. Thank you for all of the info. It has helped get rid of some stress!!!!

Laura Neumann, [email protected]
St. Louis, MO, Unied States
February 8, 1998

Your Web Gallery of Art has proved invaluable on numerous occasions. I am able to find just the right material for my Art Appreciation homework (and a most demanding teacher!)

A-D Rosado, [email protected]
, United Kingdom
February 8, 1998

I was so moved by Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling,that i sculpted The Creation of Adam. I invite every one who reads this to view the sculpture @

Janet Fellows, [email protected],
Wolcott, Connecticut, USA
February 8, 1998

I am currently a student at AASU in SAV GA this site is very helpful for my current course in art history Thanks

Barry Lollis, [email protected]
Savannah, Ga
February 7, 1998

I would like to know know whom should I address myself for an opinion on a painting which seems to be painted by a hand that's very close to that of L.C.. Actually I was looking to get hold of mr. Alexandre Stepanov(?). Anyway, your gallery is the best I have found on the web. Congrats!! Hope to hear from you soon.

sandro bosi, [email protected]
rome, italy
February 6, 1998

Congratulations on some marvellous pages. As a yearly visitor to Venice for the last decade, it is great to discover your pages and be able to look at my favourite works of art, especially Giovanni Bellini. Well done, I shall recommend you to my friends!

Karen Cosford, [email protected]
Coventry, West Midlands, England
February 6, 1998

Your page is going to help me a lot with my research. Of course I'm sure just about everybody wrote to tell you that. It's a beautiful site. Thank you very much.

Kathleen Andrea, (unavailable), -none-
Pearland, Texas, U.S.A.
February 6, 1998

Loved your web page...... It has helped me a great deal with the research paper I am currently working on for a Art History class. Your hard work does not go un-noticed!!!!!!! Donna

Donna F Willis, [email protected], n/a
Marshallberg, NC, USA
February 6, 1998

I needed to find several different pieces for my art history class, this page was often the only one that had what I needed but I was dissappointed that you didn't have several pieces that I needed and expected you to have.

Taryn Hubbard, [email protected]
Denton, TX, US
February 5, 1998

I'm doing a reasearch project on Queen Elisabeth and I need a bibliagraphy and I can't find any of the information I need Otherwise it's a great web site

Jill Kelene
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
February 4, 1998

Hey! This has got to be the best site if you're looking for art pictures. Well, this was the only place where I could find an image of Michelangelo's David statue. Great!

Arno Hietanen, [email protected],

February 3, 1998

This is the first place I've found information on Diane de Poitiers which I need for a school report. That is good

Sarah, [email protected]
Green Bay, WI, USA
February 2, 1998

I really like the web museum of ya'lls. Keep it up!!

Rebekah Kellogg, [email protected]
Hominy, OK, USA
January 31, 1998

I really like the web museum of ya'lls. Keep it up!!

Rebekah Kellogg, [email protected]
Hominy, OK, USA
January 31, 1998

Sorry I don't have an e-mail address but I did enjoy looking at Giotto's art work. He is intresting and his work was very unique.

Mollie Donahue, not available, not available
Aledo , Illinois, United States
January 30, 1998

I was assigned Giotto for a project in art class and injoyed learning about him. I liked looking at his art also.

Beth Harmon, [email protected], not available at this time
Aledo, Illinois, United States
January 30, 1998

Helped my daughter search this site for a paper she was doing on Renaissance Art. The site is so informative she was able to retrieve all of her information, plus get plenty of pictures for her report. Thank you very much for a job well done!!!

Vilma Lawrence, [email protected]
Millbrook, AL, USA
January 29, 1998

I am very interested in the complete story of Saint Florian. I can only find a very short story of him. I am a Firefighter that loves to research topics that have come to be, in the Fire Service. Such as the emblem that the Fire Service wears, the Maltese Cross, dating back to the 11th century from the Order of the St. John Knights of Jerusalem. I would appreciate any information you have on Saint Florian. Thank You, J R Young

John R. Young, [email protected]
Seattle, Washington, United States
January 29, 1998

Wonderful. Haven't you got Holbein's "Ambassadors" as one of your images though? eg

Emma Gillett, [email protected]
London, UK
January 28, 1998

email address correction. I enjoy better than I type.

Bill Austin, [email protected]
Raytown, Mo, USA
January 27, 1998

A real find for my World Civilizations classes for Renissance art study. Very nice!

Bill Austin, [email protected]
Raytown , Mo, USA
January 27, 1998

I teach a continuing ed. course on Italian art and music as well as a curriculuum western culture course. I have used this sight for concise references to my own slides and photographs. Thank you for your efforts.

N. Graham, [email protected], The Montgomery Academy
Montgomery, Alabama, USA
January 27, 1998

Thank you so much for having wonderful information as well as pictures! I can't tell you how much it has helped me in doing a family search on Andrea Verrochio. I started with nothing and have a great deal to work with which was a really nice surprise!

Karen Verrochi, [email protected]
West Roxbury, MA, USA
January 27, 1998

Nicole Jervik or Lee

January 26, 1998

I find art very intriging and beautiful.

Mario Gonzalez, 565 east H st.
Colton, California, U.S.A
January 26, 1998

Michael Rowley, [email protected]
Henderson, Nv, USA
January 26, 1998

I think you should have a larger variety of artists. Not just the 13th-15th century artist. I see that you have some Gothic... but you should also have some more modern artist works in here also... thank you for your hard work!!1

BEvin Coffee, [email protected]
Shepherdstown, West VA, USA
January 24, 1998

I found your information on Botticelli very intresting and helpfull for my History of Art A -level.

Lydia de Laszlo, [email protected]
London Fulham, England
January 23, 1998

preparing a lecture on the (14) sybils in art; your www site reminded me of Perugia. Thank you!

J.A. Schenk, [email protected]
amsterdam, Holland
January 23, 1998

It was nice to find a bit of history on my family name. I knew about Palazzo Vendramin and about the painting by Titian:"The Vendramin Family". The monument of Andrea Vendramin I just discovered thanks to this web site.

Benjamin Vendramin, [email protected]
Toronto, Ontario , Canada
January 22, 1998

I love the wonderful frescos in the Sistine Chapel by Michaeangelo! Lovely website!

Jason Yeo, [email protected], NA
, Singapore
January 22, 1998

Your site has impressive depth, and the quality of the files is excellent. I use it often to research, to think, to reflect... Many thanks.

David Hinman, [email protected]
Tarrytown, NY, USA
January 20, 1998

I liked it very much

Barbara Sfarcich
Bologna, ITALY
January 20, 1998

It was a great pleasure to visit on your excellent Pieter Bruegel pages. I'll come back soon. Meanwhile, could prepare detailed images of the bruegelian masterpiece "Proverbs"?

Kimmo Koho, [email protected],
Helsinki, Finland
January 20, 1998

web page gallery guided tours absolutely fantastic please more JH

J. Harding, [email protected], none
Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA
January 20, 1998

Very impressive site. Came across it as I was researching our family surname POLACK.

M Polack, [email protected]
, Alberta, Canada
January 20, 1998

On a dismal, rainy Sunday afternoon, I stumbled onto your web site. It was better than visiting a museum (at least I didn't get museum feet) and the selection as well as the quality were terrific. I have seen most of Giotto (I limited myself to him and a few others) and your efforts took me back to earlier days in Italy. Congratulations on a wonderful job.

Sol Cohen, [email protected]
Vallejo, CA, USA
January 19, 1998

Thank-you for the wonderful information & images. It is invaluable for my school project.

Bob Thompson, [email protected]
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada
January 18, 1998

Wow, one hell of a site this is. Thanks. I can use lots of it for my schoolwork!!

Jeroen Tilkin, [email protected], none
Antwerpen, België, België
January 18, 1998

beautifull homepage thanxs!!! holland

jan and cecile

January 18, 1998

we thought it was really good !!!!!!!

zsolt & leanda, [email protected]
sydney, nsw, australia
January 18, 1998

I have just returned from Italy and viewing these wonderful works by Giotto - your inter-net pages are excellent.....thank-you! I am an Art History teacher and my students will benefit greatly from seeing your pages.

Michelle Watts
Blenheim, New Zealand
January 18, 1998

Your page is very complet. tanks

teixeira, [email protected]
sintra, Portugal
January 17, 1998

This page is absolutely beautiful. I most enjoy the works of Raphael. Thank you and keep the arts alive.

Amanda, [email protected]
Richmond, VA
January 17, 1998

I was just preparing a sermon on the burning bush and so I thought I look at the picture. Thank you!

Andreas Hannich, [email protected]
St. Joseph, MI, USA
January 17, 1998

The information I got from your home page was valuable. Nice work. Rosa

Rosa Maria R. Rondon, [email protected]
Campo Grande, MS, Brasil
January 17, 1998

You're website was a lifesaver. I really needed a colored picture, and you were there to help.

T. M. S., TETE313
Nwk, NJ, USA
January 16, 1998

I enjoyed looking at the portraits by Jan Vermeer. I am taking a world history class in high school. The Geographer, by Vermeer, is in my book. I think his face is really interesting. It looks so thoughtful.

Sarah, Sadie8211
, Illinois, US
January 15, 1998

The information on El Greco is very interesting. I'm studinying him for my Spanish college class. I particularly like the paintings of El Greco since I have seen many of them in Spain last summer. My favorite is The Spoliation.

Brian J. Spencer, [email protected]
Elmira, New York, USA
January 15, 1998

i was wondering if you had pix of the other sides outside the chapel besides the one on your page.if so please send to me.

Corey Lewis, [email protected]
willow park, tx, U.S
January 13, 1998

where can I get a picture of "The Last Judgment" by Jan Van Eyck??!!

Karyn L. Finley, [email protected]
Aledo, IL, USA
January 13, 1998


alaina b, [email protected]
, Ny, usa
January 12, 1998

Thank you very much for having this reference online. I found Donatello Bardi, a relation of mine, and was very pleased. Thanks again, Daniel Bardi

Daniel Scott Bardi, [email protected], n/a
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
January 12, 1998

Thank you for your wonderful and useful Gallery of Art. I'm looking for EL GRECO's "La Pentecostas", but unfortunately ...

Jeanlou Gindt, [email protected]
Leudelange, G. D. Luxembourg
January 12, 1998

I think that yor web will help me out in Art History II class that i am taking. The photos will help out too. This one COOL Page to look thru. bye carol

carol smith, [email protected]
Enterprise, alabama
January 12, 1998

Thank GOD you guys are here! I have looked everywhere for 'The Burial of Count Orgaz' by Greco, but I haen't been able to find it anywhere! Thank you.

, PA
January 10, 1998

I love your page. I needed to find information for a history project and I found it all here. Including pictures and tons of information. Thanks for helping me out.

Houston, Texas, U.S.
January 10, 1998

I`m very intresting in Bernard Strozzi works and I would like to get information from some well-informed person who can help me to determinate a painting that I own (inherit). It have similarity to B Strozzi works and some minor expert have point out the similarity. Please contact me if you have suggestions to suitable addresses.

Anders Tjernberg, [email protected]
Vaxjo, Sweden
January 9, 1998

~~~Absolutely lovely~~~

Bee, [email protected]
Chicago, IL, USA
January 5, 1998

Very nice tour

Wendy Brookes
Chateauguay, Canada
January 4, 1998

Wonderful page! I would like to see more pictures of the Mid-section of the chapel however. Thank you.

Kurt , [email protected],
Saginaw, MI, USA
January 3, 1998

Debra L. Fraser

January 3, 1998

Enjoy your website very much.

Robert Palmer, [email protected]
Trinity, Al, USA
January 2, 1998

Jolene Serpinas

January 1, 1998

Sinceramente, no tengo palabras para expresar la belleza que ustedes han creado en este web site acerca de la Capilla Sixtina, realmente me ha ayudado mucho en proyecto en mi colegio, son merecedores de grandes premios. Como encontraria yo informacion acerca que relacion hay entre las pinturas que estan en el cielo con nuestra biblia. Gracias y todo el exito del mundo para ustedes

Nilza Garcia, [email protected]
Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar, Venezuela
January 1, 1998

Fra Angelico e Canaletto são duas expressões máximas da pintura italiana. Fra Angelico and Canaletto are two great expressions of italian painture.

Luiz Augusto Teixeira de Carvalho Bruno, [email protected]
Sâo Paulo, SP, Brasil
January 1, 1998

Great help for my Italian project! Thanks!

Sarah Clothier, [email protected],
Alliston, Ontario, Canada
January 1, 1998

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