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I am an Art Historian, and your website helps me very very much! I'd like to thank you, you had a great and useful idea! Veronica

Veronica Roncari, [email protected]
Terrazzo, VERONA, Italia
January 7, 2015

What a fantastic website! Thank you!

Marcel, [email protected]
Almere, Netherlands
December 31, 2014

Impressive gallery. It is a pleasure to know someone still cares about art.

virginiacook, [email protected]
Chesapeake, Va, United states
December 26, 2014

Its the most beautiful virtual museum. Good for my soul on Christmas Day. I wish to have this replicated in Asia for a major Arts Gallery project. Thank you.

Eileen Lim, [email protected]
Singapore, singapore, Singapore
December 25, 2014

What a wonderfull website! Thank you!

Paul Valkenier, [email protected]
, Netherlands
December 25, 2014

E-ncyclopedia (non-commercial) knowledge of the Church in Silesia use of the photographs posted on the portal Web Gallery of Art. Thank you!

Redakcja, [email protected]
Katowice, Polska
December 20, 2014

What a find!

John Frederick, [email protected]
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
December 17, 2014

Complimenti! il vostri sito con il database è spettacolare. Un grande lavoro fatto con grande competenza. Sono interessata a conoscere le opere di James WEBB. Buon lavoro e congratulazioni Manuela

Manuela Coluzzi, [email protected]
Rome, italy, Italy
December 8, 2014

no comment. really fine!

mix, [email protected]
duisburg, germany
December 2, 2014

Thank you for your web-site. I enjoyed visting it. Best wishes

Olga Kawecka, [email protected]
Tver, Russia
December 1, 2014

This is my first visit. I look forward to many more. Wonderful. Thank you so much.

Tom Voelker, [email protected]
Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, United States
November 22, 2014

Great resource. I enjoyed looking at all you have to offer to the point I got distracted from my actual assignment. One suggestion I have is that I'm trying to cite you as a source but am having a hard time tracking all the information needed. Could you perhaps have the cited information easily available to make quick work citing this great resource?


November 22, 2014

This is nice place and I like all of this. Thank you:)

Nobin - নবীন, [email protected]
Bogra, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
November 14, 2014

Thank you for a lovely resource.

Kelvin Steele, [email protected]
Matlock, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
November 14, 2014

Thank You!

Andrew Yanthar, [email protected]
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
November 12, 2014

A most wonderful Web site, enriching us all by your amazing work. Thank you for your dedication.

Jerry Ann Beauchamp, [email protected]
Austin, TX, USA
November 7, 2014

Excellent work and a very good tool for educational purposes!

Melpomeni Dimoulka, [email protected]
Florina, Amyntaio, Dytiki Makedonia, Greece
November 5, 2014

Signing in on November 3, 2014.

Marcee Onayemi, [email protected]
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
November 3, 2014

Ez egyszerûen csodálatos és a legjobb gyûjtemény a neten :) It's fantastic and the best on the web... CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HUNGARIAN SCIENTISTS!

Marianne Melnik, [email protected]
October 26, 2014

Very huge database. useful and wonderful.

Giancarlo Lanterna, [email protected]
San Casciano Val di Pesa, Firenze, ITALY
October 24, 2014

This is by far a very well informative site. As I've located and maintain an oil painting (Saint Martin And The Begger-Widener Collection-621.EL GRECO (1541-1614) has appeased my inquisitiveness. Learning of both the value the painting and most importantly that of the European/Spain Artist himself. I'm enlightened and awed!!! Thank you very much.

Tyrone Nix, [email protected]
DETROIT, Michigan, United states
October 22, 2014

i am 8

lily green
, ca
October 16, 2014

A great idea. Eva

Eva Nüchel Petersen, [email protected]
Copenhagen, Denmark
October 15, 2014

I like very much BUT all is translated in english !!! Same times very difficult to find an artist or tittle... it will nice (and more usufull) to put the original names.

Manuel, [email protected]
Rome, Italy
October 14, 2014

I like very much.

Manuel, [email protected]
Rome, Italy, Italy
October 14, 2014

Wonderful! Superb!

CANTON, MA, United States
October 12, 2014

This site is wonderful, I come back to it again and again. Thank you so very much for your work creating it.

David Landick, [email protected]
Lincoln, Lincs, United Kingdom
October 12, 2014

Web Gallery of Art places the facts about the history of art at your finger tips. Thank you for your hard work and efforts.

Alva Bussey, [email protected]
Augusta, Georgia, United States
October 9, 2014

I consulted your excellent description of the Segonzano watercolor. You write that this could be made during the second visit of Dürer to Italy. yet if the date of 1495 is correct, that I believe, it must have been done during the first visit.

Alejandro Checchi Lang, [email protected]
October 8, 2014

Tough to get to a museum from here. This is wonderful.

Sally Lewis, [email protected]
Pinconning, Michigan, United States
October 5, 2014

A endless engine of research. Here,we have the good side of the Web.Thank you very much.

Alan Boll, [email protected]
Camboriu, Santa Catarina, Brazil
September 29, 2014


Harry Kohler, [email protected]
Middletown, New York, United States
September 25, 2014

Nice painting. Please add Indian oldest Painting.

RAVIN KUMAR AGNIHOTRI, [email protected]
Rewa, Madhyapradesh, India
September 24, 2014

Nice pages!

Peter Csapas, [email protected]
Binghampton, NY, USA
September 22, 2014

This is an excellent site. Very trustworthy and very we'll put together. It has aided me immensely in writing a thesis essay to obtain my degree. Thank you for creating an excellent rescource.

Ryan Williams, [email protected]
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
September 15, 2014

how much would a true ganymede waters zeus worth in money . i know someone that has one it has( Enaret )on one end of it. ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ like this

SAM, [email protected]
DALLAS, ga., U.S.A.
September 11, 2014

Parabéns aos fundadores do site. Muitíssimo educativo, original e artístico. Obrigado por divulgar essa arte tão detalhadamente. Grace Fonseca

Graça Fonseca, [email protected]
Rio de janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
September 6, 2014

Wonderful site filled with some amazing images!

Teddi Rutschman, [email protected]
Troutville, Va, USA
August 31, 2014

This website is a lighthouse for my studies. Thank You

Italo, [email protected]
Ripatransone, Italy
August 22, 2014

God we love that serve and telling about his marvelous deeds in that the day with the HOly Spirit in movng among us strong in miracle of Jesus name and be so thankful for that gift around the world in many the peoples life by Christ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

keijo leppioja, [email protected]
södertälje, swe, Finland
August 13, 2014

Formidable !! C'est merveilleux de pourvoir disposer de toutes ces informations et ces reproductions. Un grand merci aux crйateurs de ce site JBaudet

Jacqueline Baudet, [email protected]
Itaipava , RJ, Brasil
August 5, 2014

Phantastisch, ich sehe mir jeden Tag einige Kьnstler an. Ich bin hellauf begeistert.

Udo Mey-Rose, [email protected]
Dortmund, Germany, Germany
August 3, 2014

Absolutely wonderful. What a passion and how much work you have put in this site- this is amazing. Thank you, and go on!

Maria Nahlik, [email protected]
Oslo, Norway
July 20, 2014

What a wealth of art. An excellent reference and informative guide tool! It is indeed a pleasure to leaf through such a time collection of artists and their works.

PASCAL A. DEMAJO, [email protected]
Ta'Xbiex, MALTA (Europe)
July 17, 2014

rare and beautiful

latour, [email protected]
, bordeaux
July 12, 2014

very helpful thank you

lorenzo einaudi, [email protected]
buenos aires, buenos aires, argentina
July 5, 2014

Dear Sirs, My very truly compliments for your Web Gallery! As a student oif History and History of Art, HERE I have found a selecteded material and a complete list of painters and sculptors. I have had problems with my eyes: catarates and now they are better I enJoy the most the pages so serious and complete as yours. Really THANK YOU. I have no more words, just keep going on. Yours faithfylly, Delia Ma. Musso Rinaldi Middle aged woman, student at the Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, in History for Research. I love Art and I suffer from the "mnaladie the Stendhal (Cartuja de Parma)!!

Delia María MUSSO RINALDI, [email protected]
Montevideo, Montevideo, REO. O. DEL URUGUAY
July 4, 2014

Thank you so much.

M. Soledad de la Quintana B., [email protected]
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
July 3, 2014

Thank you. After spotting a humorous reference to one of Frans Hals banquet portraits in Norman Rockwell's "Art Critic", I was interested in learning more about Hals. A thumbnail image of another portrait caught my eye in an art book. I was able to find a much better copy in your gallery and very much appreciate it. Elements of proto-impressionism are clearly visible.

H RW, [email protected]
Sarasota, Florida, USA
July 1, 2014

I have in my possession a pastel picture of A Young Girl and A Monkey by artist Rosalba Carrliera done in 1720-21. Is this picture a original or a litho and what would be the value of this picture? Size is 63 x 48 cm. Thanks johnyg

John R. Getty, [email protected]
Mifflinville, PA, USA
June 22, 2014

Guess You could call what I have maybe cameo style or miniatures of DE Hooch's work. "the linen Closet" piece is a rounded convex piece show age as far as a hue or haze has come over it.. then to i have the a small square piece labeled on back No 6 a Hollands Binnenhaus" with the lil black n white dog have cherished these for years since I found them at a yard sale in Las Vegas Nevada some 20 yrs ago I know of no one who knows of the artist other than my self. no one here will cherish or enjoy them keep them after I am gone... what can u tell me of these small pieces?? if anything respectfully sandy fink

Sandra Fink, [email protected]
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
June 22, 2014

How amazing that I stumbled upon your site. I am most grateful as a writer and student.

Ellen Fitzpatrick, [email protected]
New Bern, NC, United States
June 20, 2014

Re El Greco's portrait of Jorge Manuel, hos son was not a painter as Greco wished but instead was an architect, so the comment about the tools of his trade needs adjusting.

Harry Wolf , 1436 n laurel ave
, Los angeles, 90046
June 20, 2014

I truly enjoy looking at the Art pieces, especially those withy the strong background history from World War 11.

Kristin Martin, [email protected]
West Sacramento , California , USA
June 15, 2014

Cannot wait to see the Gallery!Waalah!!!!!

Regina Marie Gaughan, [email protected]
Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
June 7, 2014

For many years I've been following your site. I love the updates, the entire work you spend on it. For me, this is the most complete artsite there is. I referred, and shared it to many artloving friends I have. Thank you, much obliged!

Marc, [email protected]
Lokeren, Belgium.
May 31, 2014

Appreciate it for helping out, great information. ddcdaefkfkeabeaa

Smithd482, USA
Oakland, VA, USA
May 29, 2014

I think this is such a wonderful idea. I have used the wonderful option to send postcards on numerous occasions. Thank you so much.

, United Kingdom
May 27, 2014

Fabulous site. Thank you!

Graham Lawson

May 24, 2014

I have often in the past visited your website, and have always taken pleasure from the beautiful art and your achievement in producing this resource. I make my type marks in appreciation: Thank You.

Andrew Martin Lorimer, [email protected]
Penarth, Wales, United Kingdom
May 23, 2014

re Cabinet of Curiosities, 17th C. artwork by D.Remps. I bought this fascinating art as wrapping paper in Venice Italy, and sadly there was no clue that I could find as to its maker or origins..unless the artist's name is hidden amid the fascinating array of objects and I have yet to find it! Thankyou for making the information available, now I can follow up the artist and enjoy the artwork even more.

Rhyll Plant, [email protected]
Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia
May 20, 2014

Interested in obtaining art or paintings for resale. Going to see how much the value is from purchase to resale. Please let me know if there is any way to determine the selections that are worth anything to an investor. Email [email protected]

chris baker, [email protected]
franklinton, nc, usa
May 15, 2014

Appreciate your efforts that provides unlimited exposure to the wonderful "World of Art". Enlightenment is rare!

Salvatore Mantegna, [email protected]
Sausalito, CA, USA
May 11, 2014

THANK YOU for this GREAT piece of art. Billions of THANK YOU!! Amaizing effort.

Madrid, Spain
May 8, 2014

Very good site with a lot of information. In the list of artists I missed Julius Singer, German painter born 1910. Does anyone have information on this artist? Thank you.

Edward Woldendorp, [email protected]
ALMELO, Overijssel, Netherlands
May 8, 2014

I have been looking for the name of one of Durer's woodcut prints -- had the wrong title, "The Last Supper" which was his last work. The one I was looking for is, "The Large Passion 9. The Last Supper" done in 1510. Found it on your site!

Sister Sheila Richardson ESA, [email protected]
Charlotte, NC, USA
May 6, 2014

I am happy to have come across your Guestbook. I look forward to your many post to come. Wishing you only beautiful thing ahead.

Bangkoklimo, [email protected]
Bangkok, Thailand
May 5, 2014

So good. Thank you very much.

Greg, [email protected]
New Haven, CT, USA
May 5, 2014

Nice work. Really love your work.

Mr Sharma, [email protected],
Greater Kailash, Part II, South Delhi, India
May 4, 2014

I came here for a research project and it helped a lot! Thanks!

Emi Ochoa, [email protected]
Washington, DC, United States
May 1, 2014

this is a noble ,humanist use of internet thanks!

christophe hollebecque, [email protected]
dunkerque, france
May 1, 2014

I am grateful for your site which allows me to send beautiful art and music to the email inbox of friends. Incredible - over 33,000 works of art in my purse!

Patricia, [email protected]
Seattle, WA, USA
April 27, 2014

Very interesting site! I would like to receive information from you. Thanks!

Gualberto Sellanes, [email protected]
Montevideo, Uruguay
April 24, 2014

I feel so Blessed to have found your wonderful site on this Lord's Day. I could spend all day looking at such captivating works by so many talented artists that was truly given to us as a gift from God. Thank You so much.

Wanda Greene, [email protected]
Los Angeles, California, United States
April 21, 2014

I love your site - it's full of treasure - thank you so much!

Julianna Lees, [email protected]
Montagrier, France
April 19, 2014

Thank you so much. The website is wonderful!

Cheryl Eckman, [email protected]
Akron, Ohio, USA
April 18, 2014

This a wonderful site. Thank you very much!

Cheryl Eckman, [email protected]
Akron, Ohio, USA
April 18, 2014

Thank you-merci- for this beautiful Gallery of art.

Rouquet Andrй, [email protected]
Anglet, France
April 15, 2014

It is a wonderful website and great source of information.

Sandra Smith, [email protected]
Charleston, WV, USA
April 15, 2014

Love this site. Many thanks

Philip, [email protected]
Stockholm, Sweden
April 14, 2014

Assolutamente Magnifico!!!Grazie!

Cesare Parenti, cesare.parenti[email protected]
Bologna, Italia
April 12, 2014

I highly recommend your webgallery again and again I use to send postcards all over the world occasionally Thanks a lot! absolutely gorgeous! and very inspiring and informative! Hope you will expand the musicsection!

cornelis hoek, [email protected]
chiangrai, thailand
April 12, 2014

This site is very nice. I truely enjoy being able to visit such beautiful works of art.

Randolph Snyder, [email protected]
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
April 4, 2014

Excellent website. Thank you.

Vesna, [email protected]
Sabac, Serbia
April 1, 2014

Liz Long Gallery at Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center in Chicago, Illinois wants to show your art! Our April 2014 exhibit, features artists from other states and other countries- it is national and international in scope; is looking for some great artists in far-away places. If you can get your art to and from the gallery, pay for your own costs, and make your own arrangements, get it to the gallery on time; you might be right for the art show. We want good art, will consider all media, size is limited to 32" in any direction including the frame! 1. send images of your art to curator now via email 2. be prepared to get your art to the gallery in April 2014 3. be prepared to arrange to get your art back from the gallery at end of May 2014. The curator will respond right away to your images and whether we can use your art in the show. It is free to apply and free to be included in the show. However, all costs associated with transporting your art is up to you. We are especially interested in showing art by outsider (self taught artists) artists and art about social justice issues. However, we will consider other art. Check out our website for more details.

Dianna, [email protected]

March 26, 2014

W-ondrous E-ngaging B-rilliant G-orgeous A-stonishing L-ovely L-imitless E-nlightening R-emarkable Y-ogic, yes! O-utstanding F-ascinating A-mazing R-emarkable T-imeless

Brigitte Eve Andrea Lowther, [email protected]
Encino, CA, U.S.A.
March 18, 2014

Sirs, I have done a paper on 'The Miraculous draught of fishes' (by Raphael) in the light of the Hindu Sri-chakra, a comparative study in symbolism. For the said paper, I have used the card made available on the web. I have corresponded with the Victoria Albert Museum, London. I have also acknowledged it in my paper, sent for publication. Thank you,

Srinivasan, [email protected]
March 16, 2014

Magnifico!!!! De poder estar tan cerca de cuadros famosos e interesantes.

Victoria Llano, [email protected]
Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
March 12, 2014

This is wonderfull gallery!! Congratulation!

Zoli, [email protected]

March 12, 2014

I was so glad to find this site as George dawe is a relative so it was wonderfull to see his art work

terryanne dawe, [email protected]
coffs harbour, nsw, australia
March 10, 2014

Great web gallery. I wish everyone could come visit and travel through the time with art.

Danielle Victorio, [email protected]
São Paulo, SP, Brasil
March 9, 2014

Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. I am reading Vasari's Lives of the Artists, and it is amazing to be able to search for and often be looking at what he describes while reading. This is what the internet is for!

Hitchin, UK
March 7, 2014

Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. I am reading Vasari's Lives of the Artists, and it is amazing to be able to search for and often be looking at what he describes while reading. Thank you

Hitchin, UK
March 7, 2014

As an American Listed Artist Compared to the greatest artists in the world. I would like to partake in your organization. I have much to offer.

Dennis Akervik Coelho, [email protected]
East Greenwich, Rhode Island, United States
March 3, 2014

Many Thanks for producing and maintaining the Web Gallery of Art. It is a magnificent source of knowledge and inspiration. Truly, a marvellous achievement!

Ned Romdot
Halifax, United Kingdom
February 26, 2014

what a great and helpful job! Keep up the great job. I am an art history teacher and the images are just so excellent.

Dita Baker, [email protected]
Prague, Czech Republic
February 15, 2014


Marian, [email protected]
Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania
February 10, 2014

Thank you for the nice website you created. You did a great job! My compliments :-)

Maurizio, [email protected]
Torino, Italy, Italy
February 4, 2014

WOW How can words ever describe the beuty and do right by it?these Masters and their work will never be forgotten.

Geane Jacobs, [email protected]
Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa
February 4, 2014

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am 21yrs old, and I love art. I feel like I have so much to learn and I hit the mother load by finding you guys. Love this site and I will spread it to all mt friends and social network friends Thanks again

Chelsea Franklin, [email protected]
Richmond, VA
February 2, 2014

This is one of the most usefull site/s I've ever accesed. keep going, I wish you only the best. P.s. I would appreciate if the database would be downloadable.

Bogdan Pomorișaț, [email protected]
Timișoara, Timiș, Romania
February 1, 2014

Love this website! Thank you for the ability to send postcards of the masterpieces! Deb

Deborah Robinson, [email protected]
Hope Mills, NC, USA
January 29, 2014

thank you for creating my most beloved site in the net and thank you for reliefing me from stress fotografing in art galleries i love beauty

nirakar karl tschürtz, [email protected]
passau, bayern, germany
January 29, 2014

wonderful wonderful site! best wishes frank

frank waaldijk
, netherlands
January 28, 2014

Thanks a lot! Greetings from Poland!

Agnieszka, [email protected]
Sandomierz, Poland
January 26, 2014

thank for for your genorosity and companionship

, usa
January 23, 2014

Nice to visit first thing in the morning before getting to work.

Robert Chrusciel, [email protected]
Washington, DC, USA
January 21, 2014

It was great to see the painting that was new to me is such detail. Thank you.

elise, ekayfriend`
madison, wi, USA
January 16, 2014

Being a current art history student in UNI I'm building up a gigantic file to rely on during my exam... I'll be writing a dissertation on religious painting in Renaissance Florence in a few days, and thanks to your site I was able to gather so many images, so easily. wga is definately the best! thank you!

sophie, [email protected]
pully, vaud, switzerland
January 16, 2014

This is a great site, I have been looking for something like this for a while now!

mark rayborn, [email protected]
minneapolis, Mn., USA
January 7, 2014

What a fantastic resource you've created. Thank you!

Mary Aylmer, [email protected]
Monticello, ILLINOIS, United States
January 6, 2014

Very helpful. Happy to come to know this page. May God bless you!

Cha Kitae, [email protected]
Seoul, Korea
January 6, 2014

excellent reproductions

carlo, [email protected]
TO, Piemonte, italy
January 5, 2014

Thank you for making this artwork accessible. It's amazing to have it all available, in such high resolution, wherever I am. Thank you.

Karen Mintiens, [email protected]
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
January 5, 2014

Great site. I have noticed an error but emails to your listed email addresses have been rejected. Can you provide an email address I can get through to? Regards Michael

Michael McGarry, [email protected]
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
January 2, 2014

What a brilliant website. This has brought so much pleasure to me and my whole family. Thank you so much and Happy New Year.

Frank McGurk, [email protected]
Brussels, Belgium
December 31, 2013

Annйe après annйe, votre site reste ma rйfйrence pour la recherche iconographique. La richesse du contenu, le nombre des entrйes s'accroissent; c'est une contribution majeure à l'йtude de l'histoire de l'art que vous offrez avec ce site! BRAVO!

Armelle Wolff Archimuse, [email protected]
Montrйal, Qc, Canada
December 29, 2013

What a lovely idea! Thanks for this great resource and happy new year!

Jennifer Volk
Newtongrange, Scotland
December 28, 2013

A fine, artistic way to present art on the web. You have accomplished an Herculean work, many-many thanks for it.

Serйny Pйter, [email protected]
Budapest, Hungary
December 26, 2013

Muchas gracias a los creadores, un gran trabajo. Conozco la Web Gallery of Art desde el inicio y la recomiendo siempre que puedo. Espero que pronto incluya obras de periodos mas actuales. ¡Enhorabuena!

Ángela Peñalva, [email protected]
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
December 26, 2013

Your Web Gallery of Art was delighted me, and my friends to whom was recommended. Greetings_Vladislav

Vladislav Nesic, [email protected]
Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia
December 26, 2013

These are beautiful selections. Well done!

Roddie mckenzie, [email protected]
Dundee, Angus, Scotland
December 24, 2013

Lovely site. Thank you,

Becky hahn, [email protected]
Yonkers, Ny, USA
December 23, 2013

Merci pour ce superbe travail.

Cuong, [email protected]
Paris, France
December 19, 2013

Beautifully done.

Helen Eliadis, [email protected]
Montreal, Quйbec, Canada
December 16, 2013

Hatalmas munka, kцszцnet йrte urak!

Hajdu Imre, [email protected]
Sбrospatak, Magyarorszбg
December 15, 2013

A fantastic and useful website for art. Thank you for making all this available.

Katarzyna Zdebel
, Poland
December 14, 2013

A great website for Turkish art lovers. Thanks for your studies.

YUNUS KUTLUBAY, [email protected]
December 4, 2013

I like very much and I will advise to all of my friends. thanks to all.

Adursun, [email protected]
ankara, turkey
December 4, 2013