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KKALANDARIO, Filippo (see CALENDARIO, Filippo)(c. 1315-1355)MedievalItalian sculptor (Venice)
KALF, Willem(1619-1693)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
KARCHER, Giovanni(active 1517-1562)Northern RenaissanceFlemish tapestry weaver (Italy)
KARCHER, Nicolas(d. 1562)High RenaissanceFlemish tapestry weaver (Italy)
KAUFFMANN, Angelica(1741-1807)RococoSwiss painter
KAULBACH, Wilhelm von(1804-1874)RomanticismGerman painter
KEBERLIN, Michael(active 1560s)MannerismGerman goldsmith (Augsburg)
KEIL, Bernhard(1624-1687)BaroqueDanish painter (Rome)
KEIRINCKX, Alexander(1600-1652)BaroqueFlemish painter
KELLER, Heinrich(1778-1862)NeoclassicismSwiss graphic artist (Zurich)
KELLER, Heinrich(1771-1832)NeoclassicismSwiss sculptor
KEMPENEER, Peeter de (see CAMPAСA, Pedro de)(1503-1580)High RenaissanceSpanish painter
KENSETT, John Frederick(1816-1872)RomanticismAmerican painter
KERCKHOVEN, Jacob van de(c. 1636-c. 1712)BaroqueFlemish painter (Venice)
KERN, Anton(1709-1747)BaroqueGerman painter
KERN, Leonhard(1588-1662)BaroqueGerman sculptor
KERRICX, Guillielmus(1652-1719)BaroqueFlemish sculptor
KERRICX, Willem Ignatius(1682-1745)BaroqueFlemish sculptor
KERSEBOOM, Friedrich(1632-1693)BaroqueGerman painter
KERSTING, Georg Friedrich(1785-1847)RomanticismGerman painter
KESSEL, Jan van(1641-1680)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
KESSEL, Jan van, I(1626-1679)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
KETEL, Cornelis(1548-1616)MannerismDutch painter
KEUNINCK, Kerstiaen de(1560-1632/3)MannerismFlemish painter
KEY, Adriaen Thomasz(c. 1544-after 1589)MannerismFlemish painter (Antwerp)
KEY, Willem(c. 1515-1568)MannerismFlemish painter (Antwerp)
KEYSER, Hendrick de(1565-1621)BaroqueDutch sculptor (Amsterdam)
KEYSER, Nicolaes(active 1645-1710)BaroqueDutch goldsmith (Delft)
KEYSER, Thomas de(1596/97-1667)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
KICK, Cornelis(1635-1681)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
KICK, Simon(1603-1652)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
KICKLINGER, Clement(master 1561, d. 1617)MannerismGerman goldsmith (Augsburg)
KIESLING, Leopold(1770-1827)NeoclassicismAustrian sculptor
KINSOEN, Franзois-Joseph(1771-1839)RomanticismFlemish painter
KISS, August Karl Edouard(1802-1865)RomanticismGerman sculptor
KISS, Bбlint(1802-1868)RomanticismHungarian painter (Pest)
KLEINER, Salomon(1703-1761)BaroqueGerman graphic artist
KLENZE, Leo von(1784-1864)RomanticismGerman painter
KLINGER, Max(1857-1920)RealismGerman painter
KLOCKER, Hans(active 1478-1500l)Northern RenaissanceAustrian sculptor (South Tyrol)
KLODT, Pyotr Karlovich(1805-1867)RomanticismRussian sculptor (St. Petersburg)
KNELLER, Sir Godfrey(1646-1723)BaroqueEnglish painter
KNIJFF, Jacob(1639-1681)BaroqueDutch painter (London)
KNIJFF, Wouter(c. 1607-after 1693)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
KNIP, Henriлtte(1821-1909)RealismDutch painter (Brussels)
KNIP, Henriлtte Geertruida(1783-1842)RomanticismDutch painter
KNIP, Josephus Augustus(1777-1847)RomanticismDutch painter
KNIP, Mattheus Derk(1785-1845)RomanticismDutch painter
KNIP, Nicolaas Frederik(1741-1808)RococoDutch painter
KNOLLER, Martin(1725-1804)NeoclassicismAustrian painter (Italy)
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