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HHAAGEN, Joris Abrahamsz. van der(c. 1615-1669)BaroqueDutch painter (The Hague)
HABERLE, John(1856-1933)ImpressionismAmerican painter (New Haven)
HACKAERT, Jan(c. 1628-c. 1685)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
HACKERT, Georg Abraham(1755-1805)NeoclassicismGerman painter
HACKERT, Jacob Philipp(1737-1807)RococoGerman painter
HAECHT, Tobias van (see VERHAECHT, Tobias)(1561-1631)BaroqueFlemish painter
HAECHT, Willem van(1593-1637)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
HAEN, David de(c. 1597-1622)BaroqueDutch painter (Rome)
HAES, Carlos de(1826-1898)RealismSpanish painter
HAFFNER, Enrico Giovanni(1640-1702)BaroqueItalian painter (Bologna)
HAGEMANN, Karl Friedrich(1773-1806)NeoclassicismGerman sculptor
HAGEN, August Mathias(1794-1878)RealismGerman painter
HAGENAUER, Friedrich(c. 1495-after 1546)Northern RenaissanceGerman sculptor
HAGUENAUER, Nikolaus(recorded 1485-1526)Northern RenaissanceGerman sculptor (Strasbourg)
HAINZ, Georg(1630-1688)BaroqueGerman painter
HALE, Philip Leslie(1865-1931)ImpressionismAmerican painter (Boston)
HALL, Peter Adolf(1739-1793)RococoSwedish miniaturist
HALLЙ, Noлl(1711-1781)RococoFrench painter (Paris)
HALS, Dirck(1591-1656)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
HALS, Frans(1580-1666)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
HALS, Frans II(1618-1669)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
HALS, Harmen(1611-1669)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
HALS, Nicolaes(1628-1686)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
HAMEN, Juan van der(1596-1631)BaroqueSpanish painter (Madrid)
HAMILTON, Gavin(1723-1798)NeoclassicismScottish painter
HAMILTON, Hugh Douglas(c. 1740-1808)NeoclassicismIrish painter
HAMILTON, Johann Georg de(1672-1737)BaroqueScottish painter (Vienna)
HAMILTON, Philipp Ferdinand de(c. 1664-1750)BaroqueScottish painter (Vienna)
HAMMAN, Edouard(1819-1888)RealismBelgian painter (Paris)
HAMMERSHШI, Vilhelm(1864-1916)RealismDanish painter (Copenhagen)
HANN, Sebestyйn(1644-1713)BaroqueHungarian goldsmith (Nagyszeben)
HANNEMAN, Adriaen(c. 1603-1671)BaroqueDutch painter (The Hague)
HANSCH, Anton(1813-1876)RealismAustrian painter
HANSEN-JACOBSEN, Niels (see JACOBSEN, Niels Hansen)(1861-1941)RealismDanish sculptor (Vejen)
HAPPENSOON, Herbert(active 1490s)Northern RenaissanceNetherlandish goldsmith (s-Hertogenbosch)
HARLINGEN, Pieter van (see FEDDES, Pieter)(c. 1585-c. 1634)BaroqueDutch painter
HARLOW, George Henry(1787-1819)NeoclassicismEnglish painter (Rome)
HARNETT, William Michael(1848-1892)RealismAmerican painter (New York)
HARPIGNIES, Henri-Joseph(1819-1916)RealismFrench painter
HARTMANN, Johannes Jakob(c. 1680-c. 1731)RococoBohemian painter
HASENCLEVER, Johann Peter(1810-1853)RomanticismGerman painter (Dьsseldorf)
HASSAM, Childe(1859-1935)ImpressionismAmerican painter (New York)
HASSELT, Jacob Gerritsz. Van(c. 1598-c. 1674)BaroqueDutch painter (Utrecht)
HAU, Edward Petrovich(1807-1887)RealismRussian painter
HAUDEBOURT-LESCOT, Hortense(1784-1845)NeoclassicismFrench painter (Paris)
HAVERMAN, Margareta(active 1715-1723)BaroqueDutch painter (Paris)
HAWKINS, Louis Welden(1849-1910)RealismFrench painter
HAYDON, Benjamin Robert(1786-1846)NeoclassicismEnglish painter
HAYET, Louis(1864-1940)ImpressionismFrench painter
HAYEZ, Francesco(1791-1882)RomanticismItalian painter
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